Website Design For Small to Medium Businesses

Often people get lost or lose interest in a website if it is uninteresting or difficult to navigate. We not only create attractive, professional and informative websites, but easy to navigate and find the information your prospective clients need. From “ground up” rebuilds or optimisation of current websites, we can help bring your website in line with your business.

So why pay thousands of dollars for complicated and often difficult to maintain website designs, which do nothing more than take up your valuable time and in the end cost you money.

All our websites have full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to make sure your website ranks as high as possible and attracts the right customer. Normally this is an added extra from most web design companies, but with DLL Design you get this as part of your website design.


If you already have a shopping cart website, general information website or blog style website you will no doubt already have been inundated with emails and even phone calls from SEO companies promising to get you on the top of page 1 in Google in 3 months. What they fail to tell you is:

They often achieve this by employing Google Ad Words.

Not really an issue unless you wish to spend a fortune for not much return. You see Google Ad Words work on a per click basis, so depending on the current bid amount you could be paying as much as $9 PER CLICK!!!! That is not a misprint (unfortunately), and will not guarantee you website sales. In recent reports, it has also been established that only around %10 of people will click on those "yellow" ads ad the top or side of the screen and of those, only 5% will have any intention of buying something from you. That's pretty much a scatter gun approach when it comes to website design and SEO.

They often employ "Black Hat" techniques that are strongly discouraged by Google.

In fact they are not only discouraged but penalised for employing such techniques. Although you may appear in organic search results quickly, you will disappear from the rankings just as quickly. They often do this to entice you into signing a 12 or 24 month SEO contract worth 1000's of dollars as you instantly see your web site at the top of page one. It then takes twice as much work to get you website back up to page 1 of Google rankings.

Our Website SEO service is 100% organic, white hat based and will usually stay up in the rankings for quite a while without much website maintenance. For example, you have found us and we only update this website about once every 6 months.

Thanks so much for the changes, the colour looks great. I’m very happy with everything you have done.  YOUR AMAZING & EXTREMELY CLEVER.

-Bullas Building Consultants-

I just wanted to say congratulations to all involved with the website, what an awesome job!

The site is looking great, nice and fresh and professional!

-IPRA Member-

Great job.....Love it all.

-Skin Klinic Director-

Logos and Brochures

We not only design websites, but logos, brochures and flyers for all your business marketing and stationery needs. We can incorporate your current colours and logos or design you a whole new look. Below are again, just some of our previous work. All of them were for businesses wishing to revitalise their image.


bullas logo design
ipra website
bullas brochure design

Since you designed our  website and l put our website on only 2 days ago, we have been asked to quote 21 new jobs.  Thanks so much.

-Metro Building Director-

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